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Benchmark Survey

Cereal Rye, Post-Harvest Planting & Air Seeding Grow in Popularity

5th Annual Cover Crops Operational Practices Survey Asks Farmers About Cover Crop Management

A total of 355 growers from across the U.S. participated in the 5th annual Cover Crops Operational Practices Survey, which featured questions on species selection, seeding methods, termination timing in 2023 and cover-cropping plans for 2024.

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Key Takeaways From 3rd Annual Cover Crop Benchmark Study

Cover Crop Strategies’ exclusive survey reveals more farmers are planting green.
Farmers from 30 different states participated in the 3rd annual Cover Crop Benchmark Study. The comprehensive survey featured 48 questions about several topics including management practices, motivations, challenges and expenses in 2021 and plans for 2022. Here are 5 key takeaways.
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Interseeding Corn

Cover Crop Interseeding Increasing Amongst Growers

The practice was up 20 percentage points over the findings of the 2020 Cover Crop Benchmark Study.
Roughly one-third of growers participating in the 2021 Cover Crop Strategies Cover Crop Benchmark Study are using the practice, compared to 13.5% in the 2020 study.
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Seeding Covers

Most Cover Crops Seeded in Fall, Winter

The second annual Cover Crop Strategies Cover Crop Benchmark Study also found that drilling and broadcasting are the two most common cover crop seeding methods.
With so much to be done during fall harvest time and over the winter, 85% of growers are also seeding cover crops during this time frame. That is what the results of the second annual Cover Crop Strategies Cover Crop Benchmark Study found to be the case.
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Cover crops

Soil Health Benefits Top Reason Growers Planting Cover Crops

Results from the 2nd annual Cover Crop Strategies Benchmark Study show most growers aren’t paid for plant covers but still want to improve soil health.
More and more governments and organizations are offering incentives to growers to offset costs of planting cover crops. But over half of growers don’t receive incentive payments, according to results from Cover Crop Strategies’ 2nd annual Cover Crop Benchmark Study.
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Seeding the Promise & Potential of Cover Crop Adoption

The second-annual Cover Crop Benchmark Study found that most growers have only used covers for less than 5 years, though average acres covered are up year-over-year.
More and more growers are seizing the numerous benefits that cover crops can provide. Growers are also finding additional ways to make cover crops put more money in their pockets. The results of the second annual Cover Crop Benchmark Study support both statements.
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Equipment Options Make Interseeding a Viable Practice

Planting covers into a living cash crop can be a challenge, but many growers are using the right tools to make interseeding work and extend cover crop benefits.
Whether by airplane, spreader or toolbar, interseeding cover crops into cash crops is a trend that appears to be growing in popularity as a way for growers to accommodate weather challenges, increase crop diversity and boost soil health more efficiently. The Cover Crop Benchmark Study released this year by Cover Crop Strategies details some of the first in-depth data available in the ag industry on interseeding practices for U.S. farmers, including equipment utilized and planting timings that work for growers.
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