Now is the time to improve and evolve your no-till system.

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Study farmer-proven ways to implement cover crops into your daily field management.

Hear from a cover crop skeptic and his included descriptive data derived from a trial-run period with cover-crop mixes!

Though the benefits of cover crops are widely known, many skeptics continue to walk their fields, pondering whether or not seeding cover crops really yields as many benefits as everyone says they do.

No matter what side of the fence you land on, download this special cover-crop report and find information-packed farmer testimonials, data and advice suitable for both the experienced and possibly unconvinced farmer.

So, how do we gauge whether or not cover crops really add any value?

How long do we have to wait before seeing results with cover crops?

Are cover crops worth the cost?

From Skeptic to Cover Crop Advocate

Dave Robison, Forage and Cover Crop Manager for Wisconsin-based Legacy Seeds, shares with No-Till Farmer a time when nearly everyone was a skeptic of cover cropping and its reported benefits of enriching and protecting soils. Now Dave reports that almost every farmer sees the benefit of a cover-crop system.

Robinson’s brother, Don, was more cautious about the decision to plant cover crops, believing the best way to find an answer was to test it out for himself.

In this eGuide, discover all the following ways planting cover crops can accelerate your farming business:

  • Reduce Erosion.
  • Cut Through Compaction.
  • Increase Water and Nutrient-Holding Capacity.
  • Build Earthworm Populations.
  • Improve Soil Aeration and Percolation.
  • Reduce Runoff and Nutrient Loss to Ground Water.
  • Improve Soil and Biology Health.
  • Amplify No-Till Performance.

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The Best Way to Find an Answer

Though Don started out his farming career as a cover crop skeptic, benefits of the system seemed too good to pass up. So, he decided to run several experiments, all geared toward the goal of finding an answer to his cover crop skepticism.

Don reports to No-Till Farmer: “On my cover-crop blog I’ve received many comments from all over the world with long lists of cover-crop benefits, but nobody was telling me they were making lots more money than they ever did before.”

Hear about Robinson’s profit-earning, 7-way combination of various cover crops, and a description of how they performed in this featured issue:

  • Annual Ryegrass
  • Cereal Rye
  • Crimson Clover
  • Radish
  • Oat
  • Austrian Winter Pea
  • Turnip

It’s All About the Numbers!

Though many farmers agree that the addition of cover crops can greatly strengthen overall soil health, Don drives the point home that a certain amount of time is needed to see real results from cover crops. Robinson states, “Don’t expect a miracle the first year, but look for one.”

Farmers must be dedicated to keeping track of the results. Chlorophyll meter results can be one true test of whether or not cover crop adoption is working yet, and earthworm activity observations are a good way to judge the compaction level of the soil in your fields.

Don shares his final chlorophyll meter and earthworm activity results in this special-offer eGuide.

Are you ready to learn from a successful, results-driven cover crop expert about the best ways to implement individual covers and cover-crop mixes on no-till operations?

We’ve made it extremely easy for you to get your hands on this information, so download today!

Make the most of your resources by learning from a cover crop expert who once asked the same questions you are!

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