Grazing cover crops can be a very profitable enterprise for cover crop users who are willing to do the management. This topic provides strategies for cover crop grazing and real-world examples with farmers and ranchers who are making the practice work on their farm. Grazing cover crops has the potential to improve not only animal health but soil health as well.



Observations on Summer Cover Crops, Small Grains and Grazing Covers

Transitioning to organic, Noah Wendt and Caleb Akin are closely planning for success in three areas: nutrients for the following crop, weed control and grazing opportunities. In this article, from the Practical Farmers of Iowa, Noah and Caleb talk specifically about summer covers and a few new practices they're testing on their farm.

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Trinity Creek Ranch Interseeds Cover Crops for Long-Term Grazing

Mikayla Tabert likes to graze cattle in northern Minnesota much longer than most people believe possible. She and her family aspire to graze year-round, as long as winter conditions and feed availability allow. It is their goal to plant a cover crop on every farm acre – not just for grazing, but to suppress weeds, build soil health, and control soil erosion.

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PSU Study Evaluates Economic Impact of Grazing Cover Crops

Researchers went out about 2-3 weeks after farmers started grazing a cover crop field to measure standing and post-grazing cover crop biomass, and soil health before, the day after, and 2-3 weeks after grazing. One big factor determining profit was the number of times the cover crop could be grazed, and the quantity of grazed biomass consumed.

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Cattle grazing covers

Mississippi State Scientists Study Cattle Grazing Cover Crops

The two-year research project, based at MSU’s Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Coastal Plain Branch in Newton, established row crops and cover crops that encompassed a variety of species suitable for grazing that led to increased livestock weight gain.

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Cover Cropping for Hunting and Grazing

South Dakota cow-calf operation utilizes covers to boost hunting business and livestock grazing.
Welcome to Holsing Farms, a sizeable grass-based rangeland located roughly 45 miles southwest of Aberdeen, S.D. Gene Holt, along with older brother Nick and dad, Kurt, operate the 5,000-acre property. Gene’s great grandfather Vic Holsing founded the farm in 1929 before passing the baton to Gene’s grandfather Gene Holsing, and eventually to Kurt in 1980.
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