There’s never been a more important time to improve your soil health through grazing.

This “Grazing for Soil Health and Getting Cover Crops Into the Mix” report is packed with powerful research from experts and filled with strategies for integrating livestock and cover crops to increase soil health.

You can increase the health of your soil and cattle by implementing these practices backed by research and experience. Best of all this wealth of knowledge is yours to download FREE!

Dear grower,

Every grower knows soil health is essential. Perhaps even more so today as soil science is included in the current global challenges of human health, food and water security. Scientists around the continent are studying the role of soil carbon to improve ecosystem functions and biodiversity.

In addition to ecosystem health, there are financial payoffs for farmers and ranchers when they decide to take better care of their soils. Growers like you are finding there are new grazing systems backed by research that are restoring grazing lands, enhancing water conservation and improving organic matter concentration in soils, saving big money by reducing the need for inorganic fertilization.

That’s why we at Cover Crop Strategies compiled this essential guide for a smarter grazing system at a time when your soils depend on it. Learn from the experts and years of research how you can improve your soils through grazing. We’ve made it absolutely FREE so nothing can prevent you from increasing your soil health today.

Download Grazing for Soil Health and Getting Cover Crops Into the Mix now, and pave the way to better soil health now.

Detailed and easy-to-digest research findings from the experts in grazing and soil health.

For this special report, we’ve gathered research from Agrilife Research Ecologists, USDA studies, Livestock Management consultants and a Grazing Educator to bring you the most up to date and helpful information for your growing practice.

Cover Crop Strategies has been there for growers first as a no-till authority since 1972. We’re dedicated to delivering to you the most cutting-edge information in the field today to bring to your fields tomorrow.

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Grazing for Soil Health and Getting Cover Crops Into the Mix is a foundational guide for those looking to improve the organic matter in their soils by integrating livestock cover cops and more flexible grazing programs. We bring you the tools to make it happen, for FREE in this downloadable guide.

  • Uncover the most recent research of Richard Teague, Texas A&M Agrilife Research Ecologist as he studies Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing and its contribution to the sequestering of carbon in soils.
  • Learn how restoring soil health boosts economic stability for farmers.
  • Restore your battered fields with numerous strategies backed by research in this comprehensive guide.
  • See how farmers have reduced their inorganic fertilizer inputs through integrating livestock and cover crops.

We all know there are unintended consequences from traditional long-standing agricultural practices. For an adequately functioning ecosystem, good soil is essential. Many practices in industrial agriculture break down the function of the soil. Consider this:

  • In grazing and cropping systems when damage occurs to the structure of the soil, this universally impedes the penetration and the soil’s water-holding capacity, only healthy soil can provide these two functions adequately.
  • AMP grazing has been found to be an effective restoration practice on grazing lands for enhancing water conservation and protecting water quality.

This report looks at research and experience of experts working with ranchers and farmers to increase productivity by improving soil health, managing for decreased outputs and improving the health of cattle while simultaneously increasing profits. What changes could you see in your soil if you took the time to learn from the experts in grazing and soil health? 

Learn the benefits of AMP grazing.

Inside this guide you’ll learn more about AMP grazing and the many benefits it brings to your soil, such as:

  1. Soil infiltration
  2. Increased water conservation
  3. Decreased surface runoff and erosion
  4. Water quality improvement
  5. Increase of organic matter in soil

To better understand AMP grazing and its impact on soil, read our FREE Special Report, Grazing for Soil Health and Getting Cover Crops Into the Mix.

See how soil health and economic stability go hand in hand.

In this guide you’ll find the research of Richard Teague, Texas A&M Agrilife Research Ecologist. Teague looks at restoring soil health and economic stability for farmers through assessing different grazing management techniques and the impact on soil. Find more of his research in this FREE downloadable guide.

Make important soil decisions with confidence using this exclusive guide filled with new research and advice from the experts, such as “8 Answers to Common Questions About Grazing Cover Crops.”

Annual cover crop mixtures are nutritious and economical grazing crops for spring. They’re also soil improvers, suppressing weed growth and mining nutrients from deep down in the subsoil and bringing them to the soil surface. Find your answers to cover crop questions such as:

  1. What should I plant for grazing?
  2. Is weed control necessary before planting?
  3. Can I plant annual cover crop on the same field each year?
  4. Does grazing livestock damage the soil?

You’ll also find in depth insights on plant species to consider for cool-season mixes of grazing cover crops.

Download this free report now and don’t miss out on a wealth on insights and knowledge, as well as answers to all your questions on grazing cover crops.

Learn strategies for integrating livestock and cover crops.

Learn various ways to integrate livestock and cover crops to increase soil biological health and to keep more moisture and nutrients on your farm such as:

  • Bale Grazing – can add 0.5%-0.75% more organic matter in a field in a single winter.
  • Winter Stockpile Grazing
  • Adaptive High-Stock Density Grazing

These are just some of the takeaways you’ll find by downloading this free report and reviewing it your cup of morning coffee.

Here’s a few more...

  • Integrating livestock cover crops and more flexible grazing programs on a farm in Southern Illinois found earthworm middens surrounding the brace roots in nearly every field for 1,500 acres of corn, reducing the famer’s inorganic fertilizer inputs by more than 55%.
  • Healthy soils contain earthworms, fungi, soil predators, nematodes and insects that are crucial in nutrient recycling and organic matter creation.
  • Did you know soil organic matter has monetary value? Published research concludes every percent of soil organic matter has $750 worth of nutrients in the soil. Building your organic matter up by just 5% could increase that number to $3,700 in nutrients.

And that’s just the beginning. Bring these research findings to your growing practice and reap the rewards of healthier soil.

By now you’ve read the dangers of poor soil health, as well as the importance of grazing management as an effective restoration practice. You know that greater soil health reaps economic benefits. Soil’s organic matter has monetary value, and healthy soils with organic matter can reduce your inorganic fertilizer outputs dramatically.

You can see the benefits clearly of implementing these practices to your fields, and all the insights you’ll glean from published researchers all compiled in one easy guide.

Do you want to heal battered fields?

Gain financial rewards from healthier soils?

Increase water conservation and water quality?

Then download this free report now, and get started.

Yours for better no-tilling,

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PS: Learn what research teams in Canada are finding as they assess what different grazing management has done to soil health. Find out by downloading Grazing for Soil Health and Getting Cover Crops Into the Mix right now.

PSS: Be sure to check out the USDA study on Cover Crop Grazing in this FREE actionable guide.

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