Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill was an associate editor for the ag division, contributing primarily to Precision Farming Dealer, Strip-Till Farmer, No-Till Farmer and Cover Crop Strategies. Hill has a farm background and graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Ag Journalism and a minor in Animal Science. She has previously served as managing editor of DairyBusiness and is a member of the National Agri-Marketing Association and American Ag Editors’ Association.



Dragline With Manure Assists Cover Crop Termination

No-Tillers from Perrysville, Ohio, utilize manure from their 650-cow dairy to maintain high-yielding double crops, and feed for their herd.
The practice of using a dragline on emerging corn began in 2019, due to the extremely wet weather rearranging the Ayers’ cover crop termination schedule. The termination date varies each year, thanks to several factors, including the custom spraying schedule, the weather and what herbicide program the Ayers are using. They typically use glyphosate and 2,4-D to terminate the cereal rye.
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Don’t Be Intimidated by Interseeding

Start small, make sure the cash crop gets enough sunlight and interseed early in the growing season for maximum benefit.
Interseeding is an excellent way for growers to seed covers early enough to get a strong stand started while cash crops are still growing. Austin Carlson, a soil health technician with the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, discusses how interseeding can be a viable practice.
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Cover Crops Fuel Minnesota Dairy’s High Milk Production

Double-cropping triticale and sorghum for silage provides additional feed for David Stelter’s Holstein herd while keeping the ground covered for better soil health.
David Stelter, Wood Lake, Minn., has wanted to be a farmer since he was a small child. Today, the fourth-generation dairyman focuses on boosting yield outcomes and improving the condition of his land with cover crops.
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2022 National Cover Crop Summit

Announcing 2022 National Cover Crop Summit Speakers

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about seeding covers, the economics of cover crop use, using cover crops in an integrated pest management program and more during the virtual summit, to be held March 15-16, 2022.
Cover crops are becoming more mainstream as more growers are taking advantage of the benefits the practice has to offer. As a result, the editors of Cover Crop Strategies are pleased to present the Spring 2022 National Cover Crop Summit on March 15-16.
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Cover Crops Reduce Crop Insurance Claims While Increasing Biodiversity

Should crop insurance be encouraging growers to utilize cover crops? A white paper by the AGree Economic & Environmental Risk Coalition, a group that advocates for federal policies to drive the adoption of conservation practices, found that cover crops can reduce yield risk, and as a result, file fewer crop insurance claims.
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Cover Crops Can Help Farmers Meet Carbon Sequestration Goals

The biggest flour miller in the U.S. is looking to shift 250,000 acres of wheat fields to using regenerative agriculture practices, including cover crops by the end of this year. Ardent Mills, the largest North American miller of wheat for flour, is based in Denver, Colo., and wants to improve soil health, water quality, and crop yields while simultaneously trying to keep climate change at bay.
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Cover Crops Can Help Operations Sequester Carbon, Prepare for Extreme Weather

Farmers are becoming more open to acknowledging that carbon emissions and climate change are becoming a problem, according to Iowa State University researcher J. Arbuckle. And it’s a good thing they’re willing to talk about it, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that without cutting carbon emissions, growers will face increasing weather challenges, including severe storms, droughts, floods and pest migrations — problems that could be a major hit to the bottom line.
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The National Strip-Tillage Conference returns August 8-9, 2024! Build and refine your strip-till system with dozens of new ideas and connections at the 11th Annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Madison, Wis. Aug. 8-9, 2024. Experience an energizing 2-day agenda featuring inspiring general session speakers, expert-led Strip-Till Classrooms and collaborative Strip-Till Roundtables. Plus, Certified Crop Adviser credits will be offered.

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