No-Till Legend Dave Brandt of Carroll, Ohio, died unexpectedly over the weekend as a result of injuries from a severe car crash. In honor of the late no-till and cover crop legend, we have compiled a list of videos, podcasts and articles that have been featured on the Cover Crop Strategies website over the last 15 years that feature Dave Brandt and help to illustrate the enormous impact he had on the regenerative agriculture community and beyond.

Videos & Podcasts

[Video] Making Your Cover Crops Pay Off — Every Day of the Year

[Video] 40 Years of Cover Crop Research

[Podcast] Dave Brandt on Lessons Learned from 45 Years of Cover Cropping


How Seeding Cover Crops Can Slash Your Fertilizer Bills

Radishes Planted with Wheat Boosting No-Till Wheat Yields

Cover Crop Explosion Takes No-Till Back To Its Roots

Mixes Boost the Power of Cover Crops

Fine-Tune No-Till Drills for Better Cover Crop Seeding Cover Crops Vs. Tile: Which Is the Best?

Raising Cover Crop Seed May Alleviate Supply Headaches

Cover Crops Can Turn Around Soil Degradation

No-Tillers Stay Flexible to Get the Most from Cereal Rye

Best of the Web Features

Cover Crop Strategies' Best of the Web: Nov. 11, 2022

Brandt was featured in the Nov. 11, 2022 edition of our Best of the Web series. 

Under Cover Farmers Talks With Prominent Cover Croppers

This half-hour documentary entails interviews with Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Ray Styer and Dave Brandt on how cover crops accomplish soil health goals.

Cover Crop Strategies' Best of the Web: March 10, 2023

Brandt was featured again in our Best of the Web series on March 10, 2023. 

David Brandt: The Man, The Meme, The Legend

Longtime cover cropper David Brandt reflects on the moment he found out that his picture was being shared all over the world as an iconic farming meme. Brandt says that he didn’t even know what a meme was until he realized he had become one.

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