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Delayed Cover Crop Termination Could Prove Beneficial

Planting green and roller crimping could save farmers time, reduce herbicide applications and maintain moisture during drought years without impacting yields, according to farmer-led research, coordinated by the nonprofit North Jersey Resource Conservation & Development.

Cover Crop Termination study

Photo By: Virginia Lamb

Suppressing Waterhemp in Soybeans with Cover Crops

In this video, Practical Farmers of Iowa members Jon Bakehouse of Hastings, Iowa, Ben Dwire of Arco, Minn., and Will Cannon of Prairie City, Iowa, explain how using cover crops helped keep weed populations like waterhemp in check. Hear how cover crops have extended the period of time that herbicide applications hold down weeds and how some farmers have altered their cover crop seeding plans for more effective weed control.

Every Acre Already Covered for One Ohio No-Tiller

Jeff Duling of Putnam County, Ohio, participates in the H2Ohio program, so he has to have cover crops planted by Nov. 1st. He interseeds them, and that’s why he is already finished planting cover crops for the fall.

Acre covered in cover crops

Cover Crops Attract a Surprising Furry Friend

This farmer did not expect to see this particular type of animal hanging out in his cover crop field when he went out to check on the progress of his covers.

Honoring David Brandt at the National No-Tillage Conference

In honor of the “godfather” of cover crops, soil health and regenerative agriculture, the inaugural David Brandt Memorial Lecture Series at the 2024 National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis brings together 4 of Brandt’s mentees to discuss how to continue the message of no-till and soil health through farmer-to-farmer education. Find more details about it and register here.

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