10. [Podcast] Arid Region Solutions to the Many Challenges of Cover Crops with Roy Pfaltzgraff

In this episode of the Cover Crop Strategies podcast, Roy Pfaltzgraff of Haxtun, Colo., talks about the unique cover crop strategies that he uses in his operation at Pfaltzgraff Farms. Roy grows 14 different crops with only about 16 inches of precipitation, something he calls an arid region solution to the many challenges of cover crops. See more »

9. 5 Tips & Strategies for Managing Cover Crops in Spring

Check out these 5 tips and strategies for spring cover crop management from experienced cover croppers. See more»

8. [Podcast] NCCS Preview: How to Turn Tillage Equipment into a Roller Crimper with Ryan Schmid

In this episode of the Cover Crop Strategies podcast, Ryan Schmid, a research scientist and agroecologist at the Ecdysis Foundation in South Dakota, gives a preview of his presentation at the 2023 National Cover Crop Summit about how he made a DIY roller crimper out of tillage equipment. See more »

7. Dave Brandt’s 5 Tips for Experienced Cover Croppers

Being successful with cover crops on your farm operation involves a lot of attention to detail and decision making. With decades of no-till and cover crop experience under his belt, here are 5 tips from the late No-Till Legend Dave Brandt to get the most out of your cover crops. See more »

6. Killer Tips for Rolling Your Covers

When it comes to terminating cover crops, many growers rely on herbicides to get the job done. But for growers looking to reduce or even eliminate their herbicide use, a roller-crimper provides an alternative solution. See more »

5. Fine-Tune No-Till Drills for Better Cover Crop Seeding

From airplanes and helicopters to highboy seeders, spreaders and planters, there are plenty of options for seeding cover crops. But many no-tillers prefer to use the tried-and-true no-till drills to seed covers. See more »

4. Remembering Dave Brandt

No-till Legend Dave Brandt of Carroll, Ohio, died unexpectedly over the weekend as a result of injuries from a severe car crash. In honor of the late no-till and cover crop legend, we have compiled a list of videos, podcasts and articles that have been featured on the Cover Crop Strategies website over the last 15 years that feature Dave Brandt and help to illustrate the enormous impact he had on the regenerative farming community and beyond. See more »

3. Lundell Plastics Unveils Crimping Gauge Wheel Product for Cover Crop Termination

The Iowa-based plastics manufacturer, Lundell Plastics Corp., unveiled its latest product: The Crimping Gauge Wheel. See more »

2. Roller Crimping Cover Crops

Crop roller “crimping” has become a common way to mechanically terminate cover crops. Crimpers are used to kill grass cover crops (cereal rye, barley, wheat, sorghum, Sudan, pearl millet), vetches (hairy and common), annual clovers (crimson and balansa), buckwheat, and multi-species cover crops. Read more in this article from Ohio's Country Journal. See more »

1. Differences between Cereal Rye and Ryegrass for Cover Crops

There is some confusion when it comes to knowing the differences between annual ryegrass and cereal rye. Many confuse these crops because they share the word “rye” in their names. Read more in this article from The Waukon Standard. See more »