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2021 Fall National Cover Crop Summit

Seeding Fall Cover Crops While Managing Late Emerging Weeds

A University of Minnesota professor discusses how cover crops can be used as a weed management tool at the 2021 Fall National Cover Crop Summit
One of the benefits cover crops can offer growers is to choke out weeds, including the dreaded waterhemp. Gregg Johnson, an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, will discuss which how cover crops can be used as a weed management tool during the 2021 Fall National Cover Crop Summit.
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Purdue Ag Economy Barometer Finds That Most Growers Still New to Using Cover Crops

Out of 400 large-acreage growers surveyed, 41% are currently seeding covers on their operations.
The practice of using cover crops still has plenty of room for growth, according to the results of the August Purdue Ag Economy Barometer. Forty-one percent of growers with production of more than $500,000 annually said they are currently using cover crops, while 65% of growers responded that they had either used cover crops in the past or were currently using covers.
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Time to Seed Cover Crops

Each grower has their own reasons for growing a cover crop – whether it’s to improve organic matter, hold onto nutrients from manure, provide a nitrogen credit or protect against erosion. Read more in this article from the St. Thomas Times-Journal (Toronto, Ontario).
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[Video] Cover Crop Termination Tips

In this video, Dr. Michael Flessner with Virginia Tech University Extension discusses why growers should have a termination plan before even seeding covers, termination methods for popular cover crop species, which cover crop species are difficult to terminate, and more.
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Western Canadian Intercropping Trials Find Best Practices for Incorporating Forage Mixes

The practice of intercropping is receiving more attention on the Prairies, and research centres are exploring the possibilities for forage options. The potential benefits are promising, researchers say, but more work is needed to provide producers with accurate information on how best to apply this method. Read more in this article from Canadian Cattlemen.
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Seeding Cover Crops with Drones

Aerial seeding of cover crops into late season corn or soybean fields is nothing new. However, irregularly shaped, small fields and those characterized by rough terrain may not be suitable for aerial seeding by an airplane or helicopter. Read more in this article from Hay & Forage Grower.
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Attend the 2022 National No-Tillage Conference

Join more than 40 top-notch no-tillers, agronomists, researchers and other no-till experts in Louisville, January 4-7, 2022, to discover innovative ideas that can help you get the most out of your no-till farming system. The 30th anniversary National No-Tillage Conference offers a mix of thought-provoking General Sessions, expert-led No-Till Classrooms and collaborative No-Till Roundtables. Plus, valuable pesticide recertification and Certified Crop Advisor credits are available to qualifying attendees.

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