One of the benefits cover crops can offer growers is to choke out weeds, including the dreaded waterhemp. Gregg Johnson, an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, will discuss which how cover crops can be used as a weed management tool during the 2021 Fall National Cover Crop Summit.

After cover crop termination, the covers naturally block sunlight from any weed seeds left in the seedbank. In addition, some cover crops have allelopathic qualities to reduce weed seed germination. This can result in growers using less herbicide to kill weeds and saving more dollars.

The 2021 Fall National Cover Crop Summit will be held on November 16-17. This free, 2-day virtual event will feature 7 sessions sharing ideas and tips from crop industry experts and growers who are experienced using covers to maximize economic and soil-health building benefits.

To provide attendees with an educational experience to fit their specific needs and schedule, there are two registration options for this event:

Standard access is free and provides attendees with access to each of the 7 fall summit on-demand video sessions for 2 DAYS ONLY, Nov. 16-17, 2021.

An all-access registration is available for $49 and gives attendees 12 months of access to all event presentations, access to an extensive library of presentations from past National Cover Crop Summits, plus a package of valuable attendee bonuses including 6 Cover Crop Management reports offering practical tips and ideas on a variety of critical cover crop topics. Registration and program details can be found here.

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