Farmers new to cover crops can browse the Midwest Cover Crops Council's state-by-state list of cover crop recipes for help getting started.

Recipes for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Ontario and Wisconsin are available. The recipes provide state-by-state suggestions for cover crop species to use and planning considerations for seeding covers after corn, soybean, corn silage, wheat, processing vegetables and canning crops.

In Iowa, for example, the council recommends using cereal rye post corn going to soybean. The recipe provides planning and preparation tips, seeding rates, planting methods and what to do during fall and spring work. 

The council says the publications are intended to provide a starting point for farmers, and as they gain experience, growers can fine-tune cover crops in their systems. It plans to add additional states to the list soon. 

See the list of recipes here.

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