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Annual ryegrass is one of the more economical cover crops and provides numerous benefits to no-tilled soils. Yet some farmers are hesitant to use it because of reports that it can be difficult to manage. 

Dan Towery, a no-till consultant with Ag Conservation Solutions in Lafayette, Ind., says that while it’s true farmers need to pay attention to details, seeding annual ryegrass and understanding the requirements to properly desiccate it will provide no-tillers the confidence to cover their farmland with this valuable tool.

Towery will describe best management practices gleaned from his 20 years of experience working with annual ryegrass that will help you use the cover crop more effectively.

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, we welcome Dan to discuss some of the benefits of annual ryegrass as a carbon provider and nitrogen scavenger in no-tilled soils, and the optimum seeding window for its use in the U.S.







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