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Well-functioning soils are teeming with diverse organisms dependent on carbon as an energy source. But typical crop production practices like tillage and seasonal fallow reduce soil organic carbon over time and limit benefits that come from a robust soil biological community, says Dennis Chessman.

The team leader for the NRCS Soil Health Division in Lexington, Ky., will discuss the diversity of organisms present in healthy soils and how a healthy soil ecosystem contributes to important soil functions like water infiltration and nutrient cycling. Chessman will also outline management practices that minimize direct disturbance of soil communities and contribute to building soil organic carbon and helping no-tillers farm more profitably.

Dennis also shares the role carbon plays in promoting proper pore spaces in soils and enhancing soil aggregation and water infiltration. He’ll also review carbon’s role in increasing aggregate stability of soils and the role active and functioning organisms in the soil play in larger soil aggregates to form.







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