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Steer Clear of Henbit in Cover Crop Mixes

Cover crop mixes can be put together to accomplish a variety of purposes, from improving soil health to increasing water infiltration to helping with weed control and so much more. However, there is one cover crop species that agronomist Dale Strickler with Green Cover Seed says growers should stay away from.
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Cover Crop Considerations

Now is the time to think about fitting a cover crop into your rotation. There are many different advantages to using cover crops including reducing pest pressures, keeping the soil protected, recycling nutrients, adding organic matter, additional forage opportunities, and more. Read more in this article from the Capital Journal (Pierre, SD).
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How to Avoid Soil Compaction When Grazing Covers

Cover crops are considered one of the most effective and economical ways to improve soil health. It is important, however, to avoid causing excessive compaction that could negatively affect following crop yield and increase runoff and erosion. Read more in this article from Lancaster Farming.
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Getting Over Barriers to Planting Covers

Cover crops are grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil, and are one of several management practices that farmers use to improve soil health, but noted there were some potential barriers to their adoption. While costs are a concern, there are other challenges to their continued widespread adoption. Read more in this article from Auburn Pub.
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[Video] Revitalizing Soil Health with Cover Crops

Aaron Lehman, a fifth-generation Iowa farmer, started planting cover crops a little over a 12 years ago—and hasn’t looked back. Cover crops have helped Lehman improve soil health through increased soil organic matter as he transitioned to organic farming.
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Cold Doesn't Always Kill Covers Over the Winter

By definition, cover crops are planted to protect the soil and contribute to improved soil health. However, often these annual forages are also grazed or harvested as livestock feed in the spring or early summer in an effort to make them more cost effective. Read more in this story from Hay & Forage Grower.
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Cover Crops Can Influence Pest Populations

Cover crops have numerous benefits, which we’ve discussed at length in this blog—everything from improving soil health, increasing water infiltration, suppressing weeds, and more. One under-utilized benefit of covers is how cover crops can be used for pest management.
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Soil Health: More Than Cover Crops

If you pick up just about any farm publication there are typically several articles that talk about soil health. Many times, these articles talk about adding cover crops and livestock into cropping systems to improve the soil. Read more in this article from the Dodge City Daily Globe (Dodge City, KS).
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