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Better Cover Management

Cover crops are widely seen as one of the most promising conservation practices, improving soil health while also removing carbon from the atmosphere. But while the number of Midwestern farmers planting cover crops has increased markedly in recent years, 2017 USDA Census data show only about 5% have adopted the conservation practice. Read more in this article from KMA Land.
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Conservation Tillage Supported in Build Back Better Legislation

Funding for farmers and landowners implementing conservation practices on working lands was included in the Build Back Better Act passed on Nov. 19 by the U.S. House of Representatives. One of the programs established by this legislation is payments for cover crops to farmers and landowners.
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USDA Seeks Grower Input on Carbon Markets

Growers have until Nov. 1 to submit their comments to the federal agency.
The USDA is looking to create a set of pilot projects that provides incentives to implement climate smart conservation practices on working lands and to quantify and monitor the carbon and greenhouse gases associated with those practices. The pilot projects could even expand or develop new and additional markets.
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Rental Arrangements on Cover Crop & Adopting Conservation Practices

Cover crops reduce nitrogen effluent in water and increase soil carbon over time, thereby providing environmental benefits, which may also translate into longer-term economic benefits. However, the costs associated with cover crops in the initial years usually exceed benefits accruing directly to farmers and landowners. Read more in this article from University of Illinois Extension.
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Sustainability Drives Innovation for Dairy Farms

Dairy farmers are working extra hard not only to produce the milk, butter, cheese and other dairy products Wisconsin is known for, but to do so sustainably to keep our air and waterways clean. Two farms, Ripp’s Dairy Valley in the Town of Dane and Endres Berryridge Farm in the Town of Springfield, to learn about conservation practices farmers employ to keep nutrient rich soils in place, prevent stormwater runoff and manage manure. Read more in this article from the Waunakee Tribune (Waunakee, WI).
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More Growers Adopting Soil Conservation Practices

Farmers who make soil health a priority are more likely to rotate three or more crops and to graze livestock on cropland, according to a survey of producers in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska. The survey examined why some agricultural producers prioritize soil health and how to encourage more producers to adopt these conservation practices, according to assistant professor Tong Wang of South Dakota State University’s Ness School of Management and Economics. Read more in this article from Newswise.
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Auburn University Receives Grant to Study Cover Crops, Other Conservation Practices

The grants are designed to help partners implement and evaluate innovative approaches that have demonstrated conservation benefits on farmland. These conservation practices are sorely needed on Alabama farms for several reasons, said Rishi Prasad, assistant professor and Alabama Extension specialist in the Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences and leader of the research project. Read more in this article from Southeast AgNet.
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