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Cover Crops are Carbon Dioxide Converters

In a tough year for farmers, North Dakota’s Dennis Haugen is a standout. And he may have climate change to thank for it. Haugen planted more radishes than ever this year on his Hannaford fields, he said by telephone. But not a single one will ever grace a dinner table. Instead, the radishes will remain as roots buried in the soil while Haugen harvests seeds from the delicate white flowers that grow above ground. Read more in this article from the Kenosha News.
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Cover Crops Strategies Podcast

[Podcast] Climate Change & Cover Crops

Climate change is one of those hot-button topics that everyone has an opinion on. Regardless of the cause, science has shown that global temperatures are rising, and agriculture will have to adapt in order to continue feeding the world.
More growers are increasingly becoming interested in raising organic crops. While food-grade organic crops merit a larger return on investment, they also require a high level of quality and present unique challenges in marketing those crops. (Courtesy of Cover Crop Innovators)
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California's Central Valley Embraces Cover Crops

An article from Bay Nature magazine takes readers inside a climate-controlled laboratory at the Duarte Nursery outside Modesto, where an experiment is taking place that could help determine what food we will eat for decades to come. Rows of steel racks contain numerous tiny almond, apple, walnut, pomegranate, pecan, avocado, fig, and pistachio trees in small translucent plastic cylinders. The saplings, planted in a high-nutrient agar mix that accelerates growth, are no more than two inches high and a few weeks old. Each is being subjected to versions of the stresses experienced just outside these walls in fields across the Central Valley: declining levels of water, escalating levels of salt. The big overarching, if unmentionable, force driving these experiments is climate change, which is beginning to roil the Central Valley.
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