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Investing in Healthy Soils

Anastasia Fyke doesn’t have time for millennials. Sort of. The fourth-generation buckwheat farmer from Manitoba (and a millennial herself) wants to help farmers transform agriculture from Canada’s sixth-largest greenhouse gas producer into a carbon sink. Read more in this article from The Humboldt Journal.
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Cover Crops, No-Till Could Slow Climate Change

Cover crops combined with no-tillage systems can increase soil organic carbon, which could help slow climate change on farms, according to a recent study by University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment scientists. Located at UK’s Spindletop Research Farm in Lexington, the plots are only one of a few sites in the world that have been continuously in no-till agriculture for more than 50 years. Read more in this article from The Lane Report.
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Cover Crops Can Help Counteract Climate Change

Major farm and livestock groups held a press conference in February to project a united voice on an issue they’ve long avoided. The coalition leaders said they wanted to join the fight against climate change rather than remain cast as villains avoiding the responsibility. Read more in this article from Roll Call.
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Drawing Down Carbon Into the Soil

“I knew we were already doing good things for the environment and not getting recognized. And I wanted to reframe what we were doing, and get really serious and focused about what we were doing with carbon," says farmer Johnny Parker, Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania. Read more in this article from Lancaster Farming.
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Protecting Carbon in the Soil a Win for Farmers

Countries are struggling to keep farming sustainable while meeting the mounting demand for production — which must increase by between 25 percent and 70 percent by 2050 to feed growing populations. A groundbreaking new study reports that the secret to making this possible lies in the soil — or more specifically, in the carbon stored in the soil. Read more in this article from GreenBiz.
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Climate Change Presents Opportunities for Cover Crops

“I’ve experienced weird weather personally,” reported Hans Schmitz, showing a slide depicting his Posey County, Indiana, family farm’s destruction after a tornado. “Weather is the day-to-day variations in the earth’s atmosphere measured at a single moment in time. Climate, meanwhile, is by definition ... the average of a weather variable," said the agricultural meteorologist. Read more in this article from The Herald Bulletin (Anderson, IN).
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Cover Crops are Carbon Dioxide Converters

In a tough year for farmers, North Dakota’s Dennis Haugen is a standout. And he may have climate change to thank for it. Haugen planted more radishes than ever this year on his Hannaford fields, he said by telephone. But not a single one will ever grace a dinner table. Instead, the radishes will remain as roots buried in the soil while Haugen harvests seeds from the delicate white flowers that grow above ground. Read more in this article from the Kenosha News.
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Cover Crops Strategies Podcast

[Podcast] Climate Change & Cover Crops

Climate change is one of those hot-button topics that everyone has an opinion on. Regardless of the cause, science has shown that global temperatures are rising, and agriculture will have to adapt in order to continue feeding the world.
More growers are increasingly becoming interested in raising organic crops. While food-grade organic crops merit a larger return on investment, they also require a high level of quality and present unique challenges in marketing those crops. (Courtesy of Cover Crop Innovators)
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