At least 613 food companies have committed to developing targets to reduce emissions, according to an online database from the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI).

SBTI created a target dashboard that lists companies and financial institutions that have either set science-based targets or have committed to developing targets to reduce emissions. As Cover Crop Strategies has reported, more and more companies are investing in regenerative agriculture as a way to meet corporate sustainability goals.

The dashboard lists companies by organization type and details information about their individual targets and commitments. As of January 2024, the tool shows 7,481 companies are taking action and 4,470 have established science-based targets. Within the food production - agricultural production sector, 83 companies have or are working on targets. 255 companies in the food and beverage processing sector committed to developing emissions targets, while another 275 have targets set.

To see the full list of companies, go to the SBTI dashboard and filter by sector. The dashboard can also display companies that had emissions targets in previous years but then removed their commitment. 

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