Roger Murdock, director of sales & marketing for Montag Manufacturing, took some time to show me one of the company’s newest cover crop innovations. Check out this clip of Murdock talking about the key features of Montag’s Cover Crop Plus and what makes it ideal for planting cover crops of all different species, especially those with smaller seeds.

 “Montag realized that there was a need for a unit that is specifically designed for cover crops. So our cover crop plus unit takes a machine that we had already designed for doing cover crops and nutrients, but with our cover crop plus, in this video here, you can see that the auger is designed to handle the very small seeds. And crops like CoverCressTM which is an oilseed that is as much as 500,000 seeds to the pound — so very tiny seeds — so we needed to redesign our delivery system to accommodate those seeds. So now, the cover crop plus can be utilized on tillage equipment, it can be used on the Harvest Seeder, which is a unit that attaches to the combine so now as I am combining, I can put my cover crop down. We also have — if you really need a lot of cover crop put down at one time — you can take off the Hagie tank on the big sprayers, put the fortifier on so you can deliver cover crops over 120 foot boom. And now, recently we just added it to the Hagie detasseler so now as they’re detasseling or doing destruction with the raising of seed corn, you can put cover crops down also. ”

Always exciting to see farm equipment that is being made specifically with cover croppers in mind. That’s all for this week’s cover crop connection.