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“Equity is critical. We've got to embrace it in everything we do. We have to be inclusive and we have to actively work to create opportunities to make new farmers and make more farmers of all kinds.”

— Seth Watkins, Cover Cropper, Southern Iowa

No matter where or what you farm, your operation can benefit from cover crops. Planting covers improves soil biology, increases water infiltration, saves money and more, brought to you by Montag.

In this episode of the podcast, Seth Watkins of southern Iowa joins us for a discussion about the benefits of incorporating cover crops into your operation specifically as a means to stay committed to improving soil health, conserving the land and keeping our waters clean.

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The Cover Crop Strategies podcast series is brought to you by Montag Manufacturing.

Montag precision metering equipment is helping producers achieve their yield goals while saving on seed and input costs. For establishing cover crops, Montag’s family of seed platform equipment adapts to a variety of major brand delivery systems that will conserve seed and nutrients along with soil and water. Explore new options for your production and conservation goals with your Montag dealer, visit or call Montag at (712) 517-2775.

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