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Strip-till is as much an art as it is a science. Balancing the two is the goal of strip-tiller Mike Verdonck. Farming 2,500 acres of primarily corn and soybeans, he recently began incorporating cover crops into his strip-till system.

But improvisation is also a part of Verdonck’s strip-till journey, moving from conventional tillage practices to a “soil-centric” mentality with nutrient management and soil microbiology enhancement. This includes aggressive experimentation with cover crops and adapting organic farming philosophies.

Applying facts and science to his system helps Verdonck get a deep read on biodiversity in soil cycles and crop rotations. He notes that soil regeneration is critical to not necessarily increasing yields, but increasing revenue.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast brought to you by Dawn Equipment, we welcome Mike to share his ongoing soil health improvement trials, which includes planting permanent cover crops, bio-strip-till and adapting his fertility program to accommodate soil needs.







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