Harold Reetz, who helped integrate technological research into no-till, has died, according to his obituary.

Reetz no-tilled for more than 4 decades. In 2004, Reetz became president of the Foundation for Agronomic Research, a nonprofit research organization.

Reetz authored more than 400 articles about crop production, soil fertility management and computer applications in agriculture, and he spoke at about 20 to 30 conferences a year, including the National No-Tillage Conference.

Reetz received the No-Till Farmer Innovator award for Research and Education at the 2010 National No-Tillage Conference.

He conducted training programs on new technology throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the Soviet Union.

Reetz incorporated new technologies in his research, including global positioning satellites, geographic information systems, remote sensing, computer simulation and electronic communications tools to improve yield, profitability and environmental quality.

One of Reetz's trademark approaches was the 4 R's: right source, right rate, right place and right time.

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