Voluntary carbon programs are cropping up around the U.S. But before you set your heart on a carbon program, there are a few things you should consider. Chad Hart, a professor of economics and crop markets specialist at Iowa State University, provides expert insight in a podcast episode hosted by Decode 6, the online, freely available carbon and ecosystem education resource. His research has parsed the policies and programs of World Trade Organization members, crop insurance, international trade, and federal agricultural policy.

Hart explains that while carbon markets offer additional revenue for farmers, these programs are not providing a huge amount of additional income—and it’s often not enough to entirely offset the up-front costs of changes to on-farm management. So, how do carbon programs and the practice changes those programs require fit within a farm plan?

The Decode 6 Podcast takes a closer look, offering three tips to help farmers considering carbon programs evaluate their options:

1. Were you thinking about making these changes to your practice already?

2. How committed are you?

3. And did you talk with your decision-making team?

To listen to the podcast and view the transcript, please visit: https://decode6.org/podcasts/3-questions-before-carbon-programs/

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