General Mills announced in late July a multi-year partnership with ALUS, a Canadian organization financially supporting 35 communities by enhancing and maintaining ecosystem services on agricultural lands. Together the companies will support farmers and accelerate regenerative agriculture practices in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada—two key areas from which the manufacturer sources oats.

The investment provides ALUS with the ability to grow its Growing Roots pilot program that focuses on soil health. According to General Mills, the goal is to remove barriers to entry and maximize benefits for local communities and the environment.

“We were drawn to ALUS’ grassroots approach with farmers at the center,” said Mary Jane Melendez, chief sustainability and global impact officer of General Mills, in a statement. “Now, interested farmers in these communities can gain a greater understanding of regenerative agriculture and how best to apply those principles to their farm’s unique environmental, social and financial context, along with the power of peer knowledge-sharing and community support.”

The investment will increase farmer mentorship support, and fund in-field projects that follow regenerative agriculture practices. It will also facilitate data collection and scientific research.

“ALUS has been interested in developing a comprehensive on-field program focused on soil health for years and we’re delighted that General Mills, a leader in this area, has become our foundational partner,” said Bryan Gilvesy, CEO of ALUS, in a statement. “We believe the creation of this program is a catalyst for engagement from other corporate, government, and philanthropic partners interested in ALUS programming and its outcomes and impact across Canada.”