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Planting Green Comes With Benefits, Risks

With cover crops growing in popularity, it’s not uncommon to see a field full of green in early April. Planting corn or soybeans into rye or other winter crops has some benefits. However, recent research from Iowa State University suggests not terminating cover crops ahead of planting could bring more disease and pests that may overwinter or start early.

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Studying Cover Crop Decomposition and Nitrogen Release During Growing Season

To help understand cover crop decomposition and N release throughout the growing season, University of Nebraska researchers designed a study using “litterbags” — a common method to research crop decomposition. This research is part of the Precision Sustainable Agriculture (PSA), a collaborative project supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative’s Sustainable Agricultural System Coordinated Agricultural Projects from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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Penn: Consider Early Kill for 2022 Non-Legume Covers

When a cover crop is terminated, the fresh residue is broken down by microbes in the soil. These microbes use N and other key nutrients found in the cover crop residue as fuel sources for the break-down process. However, if there is not enough N in the residue to complete the process, microbes will use N from the soil instead.
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On the Fence About Seeding Covers

Earlier this season, a lack of soil moisture across much of the state raised concerns about the potential for successful cover crop establishment this fall. Most areas still need more moisture to recharge the soil profile but recent rains have improved the moisture status overall. This has also improved the likelihood for successful establishment of a cereal rye cover crop this fall. Read more in this article from University of Minnesota Extension.
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