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Cover Crop Strategies' Best of the Web: Nov. 11, 2022

Cover Crop Strategies editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week. The Best of the Web This Week series is brought to you by Salford Group.
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Benefits of a Cover Crop Mix Versus a Single Species Cover Crop

The decision whether to mix species or plant a single species as a cover crop depends on your goals, time of the year, and costs. Planting a mix can increase biodiversity on a farm and can also insure against weather extremes, since different species will thrive in different weather conditions. Read more in this article from the University of Nebraska.
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Annual Cover Crops, Forages Prove Beneficial in Challenging Planting Season

Annual forages or early summer cover crops can be a helpful alternative in late planting situations and often work well within the crop insurance system. There is no ‘hard and fast’ blanketed mix or species that can be recommended to all producers, as each grower is in a unique circumstance with a different production environment and goals, soil types and management techniques.

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Setting Tobacco Up for Success

If Tim Fritz’s experiments are any indication, the next step in cover crop innovation could be tailoring cover mixes to the needs of the cash crop. Fritz, owner and president of cover crop and forage seed dealer King’s AgriSeeds, started down his current line of research a few years ago when he began working with a German company that was developing complex, cutting-edge strategies for cover cropping. Read more in this article from Lancaster Farming.
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Aerial Imagery Can Help Determine the Impact of Cover Crops on Cash Crop Growth & Development

The benefits of planting cover crop mixtures include the potential for additional nutrients to the subsequent cash crop, improved livestock feed and improved soil health, among other benefits. Farmers adopting multispecies cover crops are also interested in learning about the yield response of the crop planted following a cover crop. Read more in this article from the University of Nebraska.
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[Video] What You Need to Know About Seeding Covers

In this video from University of Arkansas Extension, learn about the keys to achieving a good cover crop stand, the importance of correct seeding rate, and how to use your cover crop goals to determine the timing of cover crop seeding.
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