Seeding Practices

Have a Plan for Prevent Plant Acres This Year

Heading into what’s likely to be another wet spring, farmers can take some stress out of the planting season by planning ahead. “Put together multiple plans of action … and take some of that emotion out of the in-season decision making process,” advised Kyle Gustafson, agronomist with WinField United based in Brookings, South Dakota. Read more in this article from Kenosha News.
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[Video] Seeding Equipment for Cover Crops

Paul Gross, Field Crop Educator for Michigan State University Extension, discusses how to choose the best method for your operation for seeding cover crops, what the most common cover crop seeding method is, how to get accurate cover crop seeding placement and more.
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Machine Seeds Cover Crops, Injects Hog Manure in One Pass

Blain, Pa., no-tiller Virgil Gutshall Sr. says the rigged-up tanker puts manure nutrients in the root zone in an environmentally responsible manner
A small family-owned hog operation in Pennsylvania is the mastermind behind a rig that sidedresses corn with liquid hog manure and seeds cover crops in one pass — possibly the first machine of its kind in the U.S.
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Aerial seeding cover crops

6 Tips for Flying On Cover Crops Successfully

A pilot explains how a no-tiller’s choice in applicator, cover crop species, rate and timing play important roles in achieving a strong, uniform stand.
One of the biggest concerns and complaints no-tillers have about aerially seeding cover crops is that it doesn’t result in a good stand.
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Research on Covers in Continuous Soybeans: More Covers, More Positive Impact

Soybean growers across Ohio, and especially farmers enrolling in the new H2Ohio program, will be interested in research conducted by Keeley Overmyer, investigating possible impacts from a crop rotation with continuous soybeans and the use of cover crops. Overmyer’s research was funded by a grant from the Ohio Soybean Council and Soybean Checkoff. Read more in this article from Ohio's Country Journal.
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No-Till Drills

Fine-Tune No-Till Drills for Better Cover Crop Seeding

Whether it’s getting cover-crop mixes seeded properly, or determining the right planting depth, equipment experts and no-tillers themselves offer tips on improving cover-crop seeding with no-till drills.
From airplanes and helicopters to highboy seeders, spreaders and planters, there are plenty of options for seeding cover crops. But many no-tillers prefer to use the tried-and-true no-till drills to seed covers.
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Attend the 2020 National Strip-Tillage Conference

Join the most innovative, forward-thinking strip-till farmers, agronomists and researchers today at the 7th annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Omaha, Neb., August 6-7, 2020. Discover practical cover cropping techniques and hundreds of proven ideas to boost your strip-till yields and save on input costs.

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