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No-Till Farmer Partners with MY YIELD on ‘THE ROAD TO NNTC SWEEPSTAKES'

Instant win game offers 130+ exciting prizes, including a FREE trip to the 2020 National No-Tillage Conference in St. Louis, Mo., January 7-10.
Enter The Road To NNTC Sweepstakes for a chance to have the ultimate no-till experience in 2020. Play now and find out instantly if you've won 1 of 130+ exciting prizes valued at $2,890.98. One lucky winner will receive an expense-free trip to the 2020 National No-Tillage Conference in St. Louis, Mo., January 7-10. The contest is free to enter and runs through November 20, 2019.
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worm in soil

To Till or Not to Till

The wet harvest last fall and continued saturated soil conditions this past spring in many parts of the country created a scenario that left many farmers scratching their heads: “To till or not to till…that is the question.”
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How Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria Sense Iron

In many nitrogen-fixing bacteria, a protein called RirA plays a key role in regulating iron by sensing high levels of the metal and shutting down the production of proteins that bring in more iron. RirA contains a cluster of four iron and four sulfur atoms, which acts as a sensor for iron availability. But until now, exactly how this cluster structure detects iron levels in a cell was unclear, says the University of East Anglia.
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Attend the 2020 National Strip-Tillage Conference

Join the most innovative, forward-thinking strip-till farmers, agronomists and researchers today at the 7th annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Omaha, Neb., August 6-7, 2020. Discover practical cover cropping techniques and hundreds of proven ideas to boost your strip-till yields and save on input costs.

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