"I" States Slowly Increasing Cover Crop Use

The Environmental Working Group used satellite imagery to compare cover crop acreage and found an increase in Iowa, Indiana and Illinois from 2015-2017.

The sustainable farming practice of cover cropping grew in Iowa in 2018, but is still far below the goal called for in Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Cover crops are planted in the off-season to help protect soil from water and wind erosion and reduce nutrient runoff into waterways. Using satellite imagery, the Environmental Working Group compared cover-crop acreage in Iowa, Indiana and Illinois from 2015-2017, and found a net increase in all three states. Iowa's acreage grew about 16% last year. Report author Soren Rundquist said it's a step in the right direction, but far from what is needed.

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Risk Management Agency Announces Special Provisions for Cover Crop Terminations

Extremely wet weather this spring has delayed many no-tillers from terminating fall-planted cover crops.
Producers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin have been severely affected by wet weather and muddy field conditions. Additionally, many acres of failed fall-seeded crops, like winter wheat and barley, have been appraised and released for termination.
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Cut Input Costs While Improving Yields

Utilizing data to "farm green" improves field conditions and results in less use of potash and lime.
A 27.5% decrease in synthetic nitrogen, 49.5% decrease in farm diesel, 91.8% decrease in MAP (monoammonium phosphate) and a 100% decrease in both lime and potash applications – these are just a few of the impressive input reductions Clark Land & Cattle have made from 2011 to 2018 – while improving yield averages year on year.
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Illinois Incentivizes Planting Fall Cover Crops in 2020 Budget

Crop Insurance Reward Pilot Program promotes cover crops as an in-field management practice.
The Illinois Department of Agriculture will adopt and implement a crop insurance reward program for cover crops that American Farmland Trust and a coalition of agriculture, environmental and conservation organizations developed.
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Perennial Cover Crop Mixtures Make Great Forage for Cattle

The Saskatchewan Forage Council has created a resource for cattle producers on successful perennial pastures.
Traditional annuals and cocktail cover crop mixtures can make great forage for cattle on a temporary basis, but over the long haul a good stand of perennial pasture may be the best choice, according to Lorne Klein, range management extension specialist, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture at Weyburn.
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Attend the 2019 National Strip-Tillage Conference

Join the most innovative, forward-thinking strip-till farmers, agronomists and researchers today at the 6th annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Peoria, Ill., August 1-2, 2019. Discover practical cover cropping techniques and hundreds of proven ideas to boost your strip-till yields.

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