In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from farmers in the month of October 2019:

  1. [Podcast] 11 Keys for Successfully Planting Green
  2. [Podcast] Maximizing Legume Cover Crops for Less Nitrogen Use
  3. [Podcast] Planting Cover Crops After Small Grain Harvest
  4. Sweet Potatoes Make a Surprising Cover Crop
  5. Many Pennies to be Made from Growing Pennycress as a Cover Crop
  6. [Podcast] Using Manure to Fertilize Cover Crops
  7. Interseeding Alfalfa as a Cover Crop
  8. [Video] Combining No-Till, Cover Crops & Manure
  9. [Video] 40 Years of Cover Crop Research
  10. 6 Tips for Making Cover Crops Work with Your Tillage Practices

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