Smith Seed Services announced it has been granted the exclusive worldwide production and marketing rights for CCS 779 daikon radish, the first U.S. variety developed specifically for cover crop usage.

CCS 779 — originally named the Tillage Radish by Cover Crop Solutions — is recognized for its large taproot, ability to scavenge and store nutrients, reduce soil compaction and suppress weeds. Development of the variety began in 2001 with University of Maryland soil scientist Ray Weil and Pennsylvania no-tiller Steve Groff, and CCS 779 obtained Plant Varietal Protection in 2014.

CCS 779 is now only sold with Oregon Certified grown tags to ensure consistent and reliable performance. More information is available at

In 2016, La Crosse Seed announced it was the new and exclusive owner of Cover Crop Solutions brands, which includes Tillage Radish.