Truterra announces 2024 carbon programs that are expanded to include qualified long-term adopters of conservation practices such as cover crops and reduced tillage before 2021.

The carbon program can help eligible farmers offset some of the technical and financial costs associated with the transition to conservation farming practices. Farmers can earn up to $30 per metric ton of carbon stored with a minimum of $2 per acre from adopting strip-till or no-till and/or planting cover crops in crop year 2024 or earlier. It is open to farmers with corn, soybeans, wheat or cotton in rotation. 

Their nitrogen management program allows farmers to earn up to $5 per acre for reducing applied nitrogen by at least 20 pounds per acre and/or using an approved enhanced efficiency fertilizer on corn fields. To be eligible, 3 years of historic corn rotational data is required and is open to farmers in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee.

In the 2024 USDA Financial Assistance Program, farmers can earn up to $25 per acre for no-till or strip-till, $55 per acre for cover crop addition or $80 per acre for implementing both tillage and cover crops. This program is open to farmers in all states except Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Interested farmers can visit to learn more.

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