Cover Crop Strategies editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week:

Water Management When Grazing Cover Crops

In this video, learn how to plan an efficient and cost-effective livestock water system when grazing cover crops between cash crops.

Grower Shares Reasons for Planting Cover Crops, Methods for Seeding & Termination

Ross Pauli, a Peoria County, Ill., grower shares why he plants cover crops on his farm as well as his plan for strip-tilling his corn into the covers next year.

Virtual Soil Health Tour of 2 Ohio Cover Croppers’ Operations

Click here to check out Ohio State University’s 2023 virtual soil health tour and learn more about growers like Les Seiler and Ron Snyder, and what they are doing with cover crops and no-till to keep their soils healthy and successful.

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Using Cover Crops to Prevent Erosion

In this video, Steve Turner, a grower in Cass-Mason County, Ill., talks about the importance of being willing to try new things on the farm, including cover crops. He learned about the value of cover crops and how they can be used to prevent erosion as well as dust storms, which are common in his part of the state.

Seeding Cover Crops Without a Cover Crop Seeder

In this YouTube Short, check out how one grower is seeding his cover crops, including rye and clover, in a rather unconventional way.

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