Cover Crop Strategies editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week:

Estimating Level of Weed Suppression & Nutrients from a Cover Crop

In this step-by-step video, University of Delaware Extension Weed Specialist Mark VanGessel explains how to collect, dry and measure a sample of cover crop biomass from a field. These measurements can help growers estimate how much weed suppression and nutrients they can expect from a cover crop.

Prepping Poor Pasture for Planting Cover Crops

In this video from Counter Culture Farms, learn about why it’s important to prep your soils for cover crops, rather than just “throwing seed in the ground.”

Exploring Cover Crop Roots

In this post from the Everything Cover Crops Facebook group, check out what different cover crop roots look like underground, and how to use that information to choose your next cover crop species.

Exploring Cover Crop Roots

Digging Deeper with Cover Crops

Check out this video from Farmers for Soil Health, and listen to some cash crop considerations and tips following cover crops with Christopher Hudson, a grower from Middletown, Mo.

Thanksgiving Day Football Data has Packers Fans Feeling Optimistic

This year’s Thanksgiving Day football slate will feature 3 games staggered throughout the afternoon and evening beginning with the Packers vs. the Dolphins — a game that Wisconsin-based Lessiter Media employees and local cover cropper football fans will be keeping a close eye on. New data shows that the Packers have won nearly 60% (4 out of 7) of the games they’ve played on Thanksgiving Day over the last 30 years.

Thanksgiving Day Football Data

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