As always, cover crops are a hot topic at this year’s Farm Progress Show. I caught up with Andy Unverferth, who told me about a new cover crop seeder with an electric drive metering system. Here’s Andy with some more details.

“This is a unique system in that we can plant cover crops quickly and cost effectively. Because, you know, drills can be expensive to run and spreading your cover crop on the ground without working it into the soil or making a pass with the spreader and then a tillage tool afterwards can be a little more expensive … the cover crop seeder can do all that in one pass.

The way this works, we have a 32-and-a-half-bushel hopper, and that drops down via our airdelivery system to our deflectors and then our deflectors spread the seed out evenly along the ground and then our rolling baskets along the back work that seed into the soil. This is available on Rolling Harrows up to 37 feet wide. It does have an electric drive system. For users that want to apply it variable rate, we do have an optional Raven Isobus rate controller. So, you can apply seed without having to worry about your ground seed.”

Stay tuned for more cover crop videos in the coming weeks.