Our editorial team made the trip to Louisville, Ky., for the National Farm Machinery Show. The Kentucky Expo Center was packed with the latest cutting edge technology and product innovations for strip-tillers and no-tillers. 

Most strip-tillers are familiar with Orthman Manufacturing, but the Lexington, Neb. based company made its first big appearance as part of the Unverferth team at the show. Justin Trout, director of sales, has been with Orthman for 20 years. He tells us they'll be able to penetrate new markets after joining forces with Unverferth. Trout gives us a look at the newest version of the company's 1tRIPr in the video below. 

Lundell Plastics owner Vance Lundell unveiled his Crimping Gauge Wheel. It's a new concept for crimping cover crops and is available in 3 different sizes for row spacings. 

"This product gives growers unrivaled capabilities in terms of being able to crimp and plant in one pass — even while following the contour of uneven ground," says Matt Roeder, Lundell Plastics' product engineer. "It's the latest example of how our company makes hard work simple for customers."

Truax Company's On the Go (OTG) seed drill caught our eye. In the video below, Sid Brantley shows off the versatility of the machine, which allows adjustments from high residue no-till conditions to light or no residue seedbeds without stopping — all from a hydraulic lever in the cab.  

During the Farm Progress Show over the summer, we heard buzz about a new cover crop seeder being developed by Norwood Sales. We swung by the Horace, N.D. based company's booth for an update — and to our pleasant surprise the new seeder was on display. It's called the Kwik-Kover cover crop seeder. Casey Bryll, VP of business development, gives us the scoop in the video below. 

Steve Martin, president and owner of Martin Industries, unveiled a new product for twin row planters — a single wheel row cleaner with air control. In the video below, Martin explains why it fills a big need for no-tillers. 

Precision Fabrication owner and no-tiller Jeff Garman showed off his new Dual Placement Fertilizer Bracket, which allows growers to accurately apply liquid fertilizer at planting time by streaming it into the root zone. Garman explains why his product makes life easier for no-tillers and strip-tillers. 

Before the show opened, we got a sneak peek of Kinze's new 500 Series row unit. The new planters will replace Kinze's current 4905 and 4705 models with the same configurations. The 5900 will be available in 24-row, 30-inch; 16-row, 30-inch; and 12-row, 30-inch configurations. The 5700 will be offered in 36-row, 20-inch and 24-row, 30-inch versions, as well as a 24-row, 20-inch narrow row planter. 

Check back soon for a full rundown of everything our cameras captured during the show on the Farm Innovations YouTube page.