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“Cereal rye roots get down there 30-40 inches deep pretty consistently. It's pulling nutrients —  phosphorus, potash and nitrogen — back to the surface and redepositing them in that 6-inch zone. It's an easy place to save some money, and we got to credit that cover crop for doing some of that.”

— Wayne Fredericks, Strip-Tiller, Osage, Iowa

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re revisiting some of the most-played episodes of the Cover Crop Strategies podcast, brought to you by SOURCE by Sound Agriculture

Listen in as we count down the top three most-played episodes of 2022, starting with “Grazing Beef Cattle on Cover Crops Provides Economic Returns,” an interview with Dan Shike, associate professor of animal science at the University of Illinois.

Making Dollars and Sense” out of cover crops is the title of the second most popular episode of 2022. Jim Hoorman, an independent soil health specialist from Ohio, talks about the costs of cover crops compared to the costs of tillage and soil compaction.

Finally, the number one most played episode of 2022 reflects one of farmers’ major concerns over the past year — high input prices. In the episode “Reducing Fertilizer Use with Cover Crops,” Iowa strip-tiller Wayne Fredericks discusses how he transitioned to cover crops on 100% of his acres and covers have helped him reduce fertilizer use. 

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The Cover Crop Strategies podcast series is brought to you by SOURCE®️ by Sound Agriculture.

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