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You'll be hard pressed to find someone who knows more about soil health than Jay Fuhrer. The soil health specialist spent nearly 40 years with the USDA and is now pushing the envelope at the Menoken Conservation Demonstration Farm just east of Bismarck, N.D.

In this edition of the Cover Crop Strategies podcast, brought to you by Verdesian Life Sciences, Fuhrer shares some key observations from Menoken, in addition to breaking down the 5 principles of soil health: soil armor, minimal soil disturbance, plant diversity, continual living plant/root and livestock integration.

Fuhrer also reveals his top 4 lessons learned from decades of studying the impact of cover crops. Plus we pose the following question: Is it more important to feed the soil or feed the plant? 

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The Cover Crop Strategies podcast series is brought to you by Verdesian Life Sciences.

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