MINNEAPOLIS, March 10, 2022 – CIBO, the science-based technology company that supports growers and enterprises on their journey to regenerative agriculture, is issuing an open invitation to partner with enterprises and organizations interested in submitting a project proposal to the USDA’s new Climate Smart Commodities Partnership Initiative. The initiative, part of the USDA’s Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry Project, includes a $1 billion fund for applicants, but it requires certain criteria be met upon application.

The CSAF partnership initiative will fund pilot projects that promote and incentivize on-farm conservation practices that sequester carbon or reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In order to apply for funding, all applications must include the ability to measure/quantify, monitor and verify the carbon and GHG benefits associated with those practices, which is where CIBO uniquely supports partnership project proposals.

CIBO’s proprietary technology platform provides detailed impact quantification, reporting and verification (MRV) of farming practices using AI-enhanced computer vision from satellite imagery, advanced, mechanistic crop modeling and a scaled cloud infrastructure that combine to deliver in real-time a current carbon footprint, the future carbon impact of practices, and historic and in-season management practices at a field or portfolio level.

“The adoption of regenerative ag practice is low in the US, and programs like the CSAF partnership initiative can accelerate the pace of adoption,” said CIBO CEO Dan Ryan. “It’s our responsibility to work together, as an industry, to provide the tools and incentives that will drive greater transformation to climate-smart practices. CIBO’s platform is uniquely positioned to manage these and other incentive programs at scale.”

To learn more about how CIBO can support your grant submission, contact (617)-674-9980 or email info@cibotechnologies.com For more information about CIBO, its Carbon Bridge incentives program and technology platforms, visit cibotechnologies.com or email rachel@sandstrommorrison.com.

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