Panel discussion by ranchers and researchers focuses on regenerative grazing - what it is, how it works, and long-term benefits.

Speakers include Cooper Hibbard, operations manager of the Sieben Live Stock Company; Jeff Mosley, professor of Range Science and an Extension range management specialist at Montana State University; and Dave Scott, a livestock specialist at the National Center for Appropriate Technology.

Soil health has emerged as a central theme in conversations about the future of American agriculture. Soils have become a focal topic due to new scientific understanding, the application of emerging technologies, and a growing interest among producers and policymakers in improving climate resilience and mitigating emissions.

NCAT's Soil Health Innovations Conference was held online with live-streamed speakers and panels, as well as virtual halls for exhibitors and student posters. The event allowed participants to network with exhibitors and sponsors and the producers, industry professionals, educators, and students who are at the cutting edge of soil health across the country.

This was a far-reaching exploration of agriculture’s sustainable future: on-farm practices, soil biology, carbon markets, and public policy.