Corteva Agriscience announced it has created a carbon and ecosystems services portfolio to help farmers sell carbon credits.

The introductory launch of Corteva’s Carbon Initiative will be targeted to row crop farmers in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa this year, with the intent to expand to new geographies and crops for the 2022 growing season, the company said in a news release.

Corteva says its portfolio will:

▪ Provide farmers with access to new markets through a simple, flexible way to sell carbon credits for a fair price on the farmer’s terms.

▪ Allow farmers to typically earn an estimated $5-$20 per acre per year by introducing cover crops and/or reducing tillage with the assistance of their Corteva adviser.

▪ Provide third-party verification by the Ecosystem Services Marketplace Consortium, a nonprofit consortium that works to compensate producers who improve the environment through their agricultural practices.

▪ Offer flexibility for farmers to work with other carbon credit buyers in the future. After the initial period, farmers can continue with Corteva Agriscience or opt to sell new credits to their preferred buyer across the ESMC marketplace.

Additionally, Corteva has created the 2021 Climate Positive Leaders Program, which will recognize “early adopter” farmers and ranchers who have successfully implemented climate-positive agriculture practices.