You’ve likely heard about — or perhaps reaped — the benefits of adding cover crops to your system. But with so many species to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones will work best in your situation.

Incorporating cover crops into your rotation takes some trial and error. But if you know your soils and climate — and the goals you’d like to achieve with cover crops — you’ll have a better idea of what species will work best for your operation.

To test your cover crop knowledge, Cover Crop Strategies created a 12-question quiz, “How much do you actually know about cover crops?" Scroll down or click the button below to take the quiz.

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Cover Crop Strategies didn’t create this quiz “just for fun,” but to act as an educational tool. After taking the quiz (which should take 5 minutes or less), you’ll see your score in addition to the answers to each question — whether you answered correct or incorrectly. We’ll email you a copy of your quiz results for reference. Plus, you’ll also receive a FREE PDF of our popular eGuide, “The Pluses and Minuses of Today’s Most Popular Cover Crops” delivered via email.

This 28-page eGuide, is a practical, actionable reference to using the most popular cover crop species and maximizing their benefits. It's simple, comprehensive and informative. In fact, this eGuide is designed to help you…

  • Choose which of 9 popular cover crop species, including cereal rye, annual ryegrass, radishes and clovers, would be a perfect fit for your operation
  • Learn how to manage each of the 9 species, including effective establishment and termination
  • Avoid common and costly mistakes that may hurt your cover crop’s success and the crops that follow after it
  • Understand the features of each cover crop species and the benefits they offer
  • Get started with cover crops and watch your performance skyrocket.     

The eGuide will be delivered immediately after submitting your cover crop quiz. Feel free to print it out or read it on the go by saving the file to your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

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Cover Crop Strategies is dedicated to helping growers understand their options when it comes to cover crops and how to successfully integrate them into their system. We hope this quiz and free eGuide better inform and educate you on your cover crop journey.