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Setting Tobacco Up for Success

If Tim Fritz’s experiments are any indication, the next step in cover crop innovation could be tailoring cover mixes to the needs of the cash crop. Fritz, owner and president of cover crop and forage seed dealer King’s AgriSeeds, started down his current line of research a few years ago when he began working with a German company that was developing complex, cutting-edge strategies for cover cropping. Read more in this article from Lancaster Farming.
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Minnesota Grower Turns to Covers to Battle Erosion

The emergence of no-till and cover crop farming practices on farms like Sheldon Luehmann’s near Altura might mean that farmers might soon be able to turn their plowshares into something else entirely. Although young, Luehmann already is confident enough to begin experimenting with unconventional techniques. Read more in this article from the Winona Post (Winona, Minnesota).
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University of Minnesota Researchers Developing Winter Camelina as New Cash Cover Crop

Newly planted winter camelina seedlings sprout in little green rows at the University of Minnesota field plots on the St. Paul campus. The winter annual plant is one of 15 breeds University researchers are cultivating to help farmers keep nutrients in their soil, reduce erosion and create a commercially viable product for farmers to sell. Read more in this article from The Minnesota Daily.
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Cover Crops & Carbon:Nitrogen Ratios

These numbers can have a direct affect on our nitrogen use and can help us be better managers in the context of overall soil health. There’s more to it than just understanding the C:N of a particular cash crop or cover crop residue. That’s where microbes come in to play. Read more in this article from Lancaster Farming.
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Plan for Prevent Planting

It’s tough to think about prevented planting, but coming up with a plan for those fields now is critical for following through with effective management. Bottom line is that something needs to be growing on those fields in 2020 to use water and prepare them for 2021. Read more in this article from AgWeek.
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What to Do if You Can't Plant a Cash Crop

A bare field is a vulnerable field, subject to losing its valuable, nutrient-rich layer of topsoil because wind can blow the topsoil away and rain can wash it away.
Growers who opt not to plant corn or soybeans this year because of consistently wet fields would be best off not leaving those fields bare, according to an expert at The Ohio State University.
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Attend the 2022 National No-Tillage Conference

Join more than 40 top-notch no-tillers, agronomists, researchers and other no-till experts in Louisville, January 4-7, 2022, to discover innovative ideas that can help you get the most out of your no-till farming system. The 30th anniversary National No-Tillage Conference offers a mix of thought-provoking General Sessions, expert-led No-Till Classrooms and collaborative No-Till Roundtables. Plus, valuable pesticide recertification and Certified Crop Advisor credits are available to qualifying attendees.

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