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radish exhibiting signs of compaction

Living Roots: Fighting Soil Compaction with Biology and Diversity

A recent study by Anthony Bly of South Dakota State University found that no-till fields managed with diversified crop rotation, cover crops, and livestock integration had 57% porosity and an internal water movement rate of 4.7 inches per hour. Soil from conventionally tilled fields had 49% porosity and an internal water movement rate of only 0.8 inches per hour.
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Varying Cover Crop Mixture, Seeding Rates May Improve Outcomes

A precise approach to selecting and planting cover crops that considers variability within a field will produce better results for farmers, according to South Dakota State University assistant professor Ali Mirzakhani Nafchi. “Currently, we plant a cover crop seed mixture at a uniform, flat rate across the field, but when we have tremendous variability within a field, this is not logical,” said Nafchi, who is also the SDSU Extension precision agriculture specialist.
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Small Bytes: Be Careful When Using Cereal Rye

In this audio interview, hear from Anthony Bly, South Dakota State University Soils Field Specialist as he discusses growing cover crops for seed, which cover crop species are best when you're growing covers for seed, and why growers should strive for net profit, not necessarily max yield.
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2021 Fall National Cover Crop Summit

Profitably Grazing Cattle on Cover Crops

A Kansas cattle rancher and a specialist from South Dakota State University share insights on how to leverage cover crops as cattle feed at the 2021 Fall National Cover Crop Summit
Transitioning from harvesting crops using a combine to only using cattle is not an easy task, says CJ Blew, a cattle rancher from Castleton, Kan. His family’s 24,000-acre cow-calf operation has improved cattle health and performance since switching 3,000 acres of irrigated dryland cropland to paddocks for grazing cover crops.
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More Growers Adopting Soil Conservation Practices

Farmers who make soil health a priority are more likely to rotate three or more crops and to graze livestock on cropland, according to a survey of producers in South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska. The survey examined why some agricultural producers prioritize soil health and how to encourage more producers to adopt these conservation practices, according to assistant professor Tong Wang of South Dakota State University’s Ness School of Management and Economics. Read more in this article from Newswise.
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New Rye Varieties are Promising Small Grain Crops

Ben Brockmueller, a South Dakota State University (SDSU) grad student, presented data gathered at the SDSU Southeast Research Farm (SERF) outside of Beresford, SD, that found they averaged roughly 100 bushels per acre on their hybrid rye. Overall, rye seemed to hold up better than most everything tested. Find out more in this article from the Kenosha News.
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The National Strip-Tillage Conference returns August 8-9, 2024! Build and refine your strip-till system with dozens of new ideas and connections at the 11th Annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Madison, Wis. Aug. 8-9, 2024. Experience an energizing 2-day agenda featuring inspiring general session speakers, expert-led Strip-Till Classrooms and collaborative Strip-Till Roundtables. Plus, Certified Crop Adviser credits will be offered.

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