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GS3 Quality Seed Acquires KB Seed Solutions

Two prominent cover crop seed suppliers are merging to continue providing high-quality seed to North American growers.
GS3 will maintain and build relationships with all current KB Seed Solutions dealers, while still contracting with the growers who produce cover crop seed for both organizations.
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Green Cover Seed Expands to New Location

The new location in Iola, Kansas, also matched a good opportunity to fill the growing demand for cover crop mixes in the area, one that has grown tremendously in the last several years. Read more in this article from Farm Talk.
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Barriers to Cover Crop Use

Cover crop acreage has increased significantly around the nation, and in some areas over 70% of farmland is “green” going into winter. The Mid-Atlantic region is leading the charge. Read more in this article from Lancaster Farming.
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Before Planting Covers, Check Seed Source

As small grain harvest moves along, some farmers will plant cover crops into those fields to do things such as improve soil condition, control weeds or provide fall grazing for livestock and wildlife. Before planting the cover crop seeds, South Dakota Department of Agriculture Plant Industry Program Manager Brenda Sievers reminds farmers to check the source of the seeds and to be sure a lab analysis has been done on them.
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Ensuring Seed Quality Essential Ahead of Cover Crop Seed Shortage

Following last fall’s record amount of acreage going into cover crops as part of USDA’s prevent plant program, farmers and ranchers need to be diligent when it comes to cover crop seed purchases this year, says Jerry Hall, director of research for GO SEED. “The market is definitely seeing some shortages in a few different crops like radishes, hairy vetch and annual clovers because prevent planting consumed a lot more seed than anybody had prepared for,” explains Hall.
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Too Early to Tell If Cover Crop Seed Availability Will Be An Issue

With much of the cover crop planted last fall just starting its spring growth, it’s too early to tell if cover crop seed availability will be an issue after this season, according to seed dealer Arvin Vos. Delays in planting last fall could mean lower supply or higher prices for 2020. Read more in this article from Kenosha News.
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Cover Crops Strategies Podcast

[Podcast] Untreated Seed Can Reduce Pest Pressure

Many growers use treated seed to kill pests, but Pennsylvania cover crop expert Steve Groff says there are valid reasons to consider planting untreated cover crop seed. (Courtesy of Cover Crop Innovators)
Many growers use treated seed to kill pests, but Pennsylvania cover crop expert Steve Groff says there are valid reasons to consider planting untreated seed. (Courtesy of Cover Crop Innovators)
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