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[Video] Mix It Up with Cover Crops

In this video from University of Arkansas Extension, find out how different types of cover crop work together in cover crop mixes to improve the soil, how cover crop mixes can maximize cash crops, how to choose cover crop species for a mix, and more.
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Cover Crops & Nitrogen Exchange

With growing interest in cover crops, it is important to understand how cover crops might impact soil fertility for the following cash crop. Nitrogen (N) provided by cover crop biomass may be used in the short-term by the following crop, and in the long-term through improving soil N content and reducing fertilizer input costs. Read more in this article from University of Nebraska Extension.
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[Video] Nitrogen & Cover Crops

Ricardo Costa, Field Crop Educator with Michigan State University Extension, discusses how cover crops interact with nitrogen, how to choose the right cover crop species for nitrogen fixing or scavenging, examples of each type of cover crops, and more.
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Cover Crops Can Help Control Nutrient Runoff

One way to control runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus is to have a growing crop on the field. “That’s why cover crops are so important,” said Gary Schnitkey, professor at the University of Illinois and U of I Extension farm management specialist.
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[Video] Using Cover Crops for Diverse Benefits

John Burk and his father farm 2,500 acres of corn, soybeans, sugar beets and wheat in Bay City, Mich. They pair different cover crops with a variety of cash crops to achieve soil benefits, including red clover, oilseed radish, oats and rye.
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The Virtual National No-Tillage Conference, January 12-15, 2021, will deliver practical, ongoing education to accommodate your busy schedule through an online learning experience assembling the best no-tillers, agronomists and researchers together to share cutting-edge ideas and strategies to improve the profitability and efficiency of your no-till system. Registration starts at just $99.

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