USDA's crop progress report for the week ended May 1 reported 14% of corn crops planted, a little more than a quarter of the 42% reported planted by this time in 2021. The 5-year average for corn planted in this week is 33%. Texas once again led among the top 18 corn planting states with 74% of its total corn crop planted.

About 8% of soybeans have been planted, according to the report. That's down from the 22% of soybeans the agency said had been planted at this time last year. The 5-year average for soybeans planted at this time is 13%.

Some 3% of corn has emerged as of the week ended May 1, below the 7% reported emerged in the same week last year and the 5-year average of 6%.

The report also showed 16% of cotton and 20% of sorghum have been planted so far this year.

The full report is available online.

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