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[Video] Carbon Sequestration 101

Organic matter gives soil structure, allowing it to better drain and hold nutrients. Carbon left in the soil becomes a permanent part of the soil, which is released from the soil upon cultivation. Find out how to build soil organic matter and how to sequester more carbon in the soil in this video from Utah State University.
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Peek Into Life Beneath the Soil

What would producers gain by visually examining the living soil that lies underneath their crops and grasslands? There could be problems with soil structure like erosion or root structures that grow horizontally rather than vertically due to compaction. Read more in this article from the Lincoln Journal Star.
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Poor Soil Health Causes Compaction, Poor Soil Structure

Engineers insist that soil compaction is caused by wheel traffic (true) but it also comes from excessive tillage, rain (think hard driving rains) and gravity (to a lesser degree). Soil compaction is poor soil structure due to a lack of roots and active carbon (soil organic matter, SOM) from root exudates. Read more in this article from Ohio's Country Journal.
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[Video] Cover Crops After Corn Silage

In this video, find out what to look for when conducting evaluations in the field to compare soil that has a cover crop to soil without covers, including soil architecture and earthworm populations. Also, learn how to conduct a simple soil "pop" test.
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[Video] Using Cover Crops for Diverse Benefits

John Burk and his father farm 2,500 acres of corn, soybeans, sugar beets and wheat in Bay City, Mich. They pair different cover crops with a variety of cash crops to achieve soil benefits, including red clover, oilseed radish, oats and rye.
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