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In early May 2023, a devastating dust storm killed 7 people and injured another 37 in central Illinois. These blackout conditions were linked to freshly-tilled fields in the area, while cover-cropped and no-tilled fields remained intact. Thankfully, more and more farmers are learning about the importance of soil care, planting cover crops and reducing or eliminating tillage. 

Hopefully, it won’t take another dust storm for farmers to rethink their fields. "Tillage was the culprit, plain and simple," says Steve Groff, a No-Till Farmer Legend from Holtwood, Pa. 

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Here's What You'll Learn:

Direct Use of Cover Crops Boosts Beef Production
While cover crop discussions usually hover around soil health & managing residue is row crops, discover how many graziers realize profitable returns from using cover as high-quality forage.

Cover Crop Seeding Methods Survey: What Do You Use to Seed Cover Crops on Your Farm?
From standard air seeders to modified versions of classic seed drills all the way to horse and buggy, discover some of the most unique and thought-provoking equipment from real farmers. 

Dave Brandt's 5 Tips for Experienced Cover Croppers
The late cover crop expert discusses his best practices for getting the most out of cover crops.

Raising Cattle to 'Feed' Your Crop
Read how cover crop rotation paired with a grazing system completes a no-tiller's holy grail of soil health.

Cover Crop Costs, Popularity of Planting Green Remain Steady
Annual cover crop survey reveals common cover cropping practices in U.S., untapped potential of grazing for profit & more.

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