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With the drought conditions that have plagued the west and the plains in the last several years, there is growing concern that the U.S. could be heading toward another dust bowl. Thankfully, more and more farmers are learning about the importance of soil care, planting cover crops and reducing or eliminating tillage.

Hopefully it won’t take another dust bowl to drive home these words of Charles E. Kellogg (head of the Soil Survey, 1934-1971), from the USDA’s Yearbook of Agriculture, 1938: “There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together.”

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Here's What You'll Learn:

Cover Crops Fuel Minnesota Dairy’s High Milk Production
Learn how double-cropping triticale and sorghum for silage provides additional feed for David Stelter’s Holstein herd while keeping the ground covered for better soil health.

Pigweed Management Gets Easier with Cover Crops
Farmers have a variety of tools at their disposal for managing weed populations in their fields. However, when it comes to pigweed, the options available can be frustratingly limited. Learn about some successful approaches.

Need for Feed Provides Added Bonus: Soil Health
Palmer, Kan., farmer Lucinda Stuenkel details how she's improved the health of her soils and her cattle with the integration of cover crops.

Key Takeaways from 3rd Annual Cover Crop Benchmark Study
Farmers from 30 different states were survey on 48 questions about several topics including management practices, motivations, challenges and expenses in 2021 and plans for 2022.

6 Tips for Establishing Cover Crops with A Grain Drill
Agronomy experts laud consistency of drilling but remind farmers to keep in mind goals, residue, timing and equipment calibration.

Don’t Be Intimidated by Interseeding
Interseeding is an excellent way for growers to seed covers early enough to get a strong stand started while cash crops are still growing. Austin Carlson, a soil health technician with the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, discusses how interseeding can be a viable practice.

Cover Cropping for Hunting and Grazing
Learn how a South Dakota cow-calf operation utilizes covers to boost hunting business and livestock grazing.

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