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“Nature is really not agriculture. Agriculture is managed and nature is not. Farmers actively manage the crop, the soils, the nutrients and the water supply, and this makes a difference in how research is conducted and interpreted.”

— Andrew McGuire, Agronomist, Washington State University

In this episode of the Cover Crop Strategies podcast, brought to you by GS3 Quality Seed, Washington State University agronomist Andrew McGuire discusses his extensive research on the pros and cons of using cover crop mixtures vs. monocultures. After he presents his findings, we’ll then hear from Jasper, Mo., farmer Macauley Kincaid and Rockwell City, Iowa farmer James Hepp as they unpack some of McGuire’s research and offer their own first-hand experience with using cover crops.

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The Cover Crop Strategies podcast series is brought to you by GS3 Quality Seed.

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