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Fennig Equipment

Fennig Equipment

Fennig Equipment is a family owned business located in Ohio that specializes in application equipment, specifically the application of cover crops. Fennig Equipment markets and manufactures cover crop seeders for side dress, interseeding, and post harvest application. Our ability as a smaller shortline dealer to customize the growers wants and needs has pushed our team further to help in the unique scenarios demanded by cover croppers today.




Gandy Company, located in Owatonna, Minnesota, is a family owned and operated manufacturer and supplier of agricultural equipment. For over 80 years, farmers, ranchers, nurseries, universities, research firms and OEM's have turned to Gandy for agricultural delivery systems to precisely apply granular chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, inoculants and preservatives in an environmentally responsible manner. Since 1936, Gandy Company continues to focus on quality, customer service and integrity.



I & J Manufacturing

Cover crops supply nutrients, build organic matter and prevent soil erosion. The challenge has been in finding the right equipment to knock down the cover crop before planting. The I & J front-mounted, Cover-Crop Roller meets that challenge by allowing farmers to knock down a weed-suppressing cover-crop mat and plant through it all in one operation, cutting two passes down to only one.




At Montag Mfg., we specialize in fertilizer equipment. Our complete fertilizer application system will help you start reaping the benefits of deep band fertilizer; it adapts to most field applications where liquid or dry fertilizer banding is preferred. Our high capacity, auto steering fertilizer caddy "steers" itself to precisely follow in the tracks of any implement. The two-wheeled unit is designed primarily to deep band granular fertilizer, but can also be used in any row crop applications — liquid or dry.


Underground Ag

Underground Agriculture

Underground Agriculture manufactures tools for regenerative agriculture, focusing on soil health, cover crops and weed control. Our ever broadening effort is to supply farmers with tools that increase their revenue while mitigating agriculture's environmental impact. We work to encourage both economical & ecological equilibrium, to ensure fertile land for our future generations, without jeopardizing income.


Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek Seeds, LLC.

Walnut Creek Seeds offers cover crop seeds to improve soil health and land-management practices. Our mission it to promote the benefits of cover crops in all types of gardening, farming and grazing operations; from household gardens to larger-scale vegetable producers, farming operations and ranches of all size.


Cover Crop Strategies

Cover Crop Strategies

Cover Crop Strategies offers a suite of free educational resources providing crucial expertise to growers on how to boost crop yields and increase profits through application of cover crops in their farming operation.

CCS Fall

Cover Crop Strategies, organizers of the National Cover Crop Summit, are inviting you to sign up for the all-new Cover Crop Strategies quarterly magazine coming this fall. Free to qualified subscribers in the United States and Canada, Cover Crop Strategies magazine delivers a mix of in-depth features on cover crop farmers, trending practices in cover crops and other useful content designed to make you more successful with cover crops and put more dollars in your pocket.